Selubung Hening
A solo exhibition by Kinez Riza, curated by Rifandy Priatna
May 22, 2015 - June 21, 2015
A solo exhibition by Kinez Riza, Curated by Rifandy Priatna.
Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49

I have employed a structuralist discourse for many years as a means to contemplate reason. Following Levi-Straus’ approach in ‘Myth and Meaning’, I applied this through my work as a way of making sense of representational realities. In turn, my strong association to time and place was often seen as ‘journalistic’. I have not realised that applying a structuralist discourse strongly affected how my ideas were met with others, in my eyes the external world with all its facets have long triggered a deeply innate response in my own personal conception of reality. Language, it seems, remains to be a rickety bridge between others. Perhaps this is why I was vexed on my first encounter with Rifandy Priatna, he told me that many people hide behind theories and I was perplexed by that notion. ‘All these theories are part of who I am, truly.’ I explained. He then asked me what I liked, to which I replied ‘Being.’

Nature’s realm has been the platform where many of my innate predispositions unraveled itself in a long and twisted narrative. In the dark of the mind, my thoughts between the conscious and subconscious engage themselves to no end, repeating the things I have yet to understand without seemingly remembering those same questions in the first place. I looked to others to try and grasp a language which best represents the predispositions I tried to make tangible. I was met with hundreds of different representational realities, some of which, I realise, seemed detached to the experience. The scientific discourse is ‘Atman’ reincarnated: the removal of self. In a world where answers are seemingly more complex than the questions, I found myself feeling overwhelmed. There exists things we cannot see, things beyond our reach, and yet our yearning for answers reflects our inherent nature for the abstract and profane. We are abstract and tangible too. The medium is the bridge between our internal world and our external world, and our mediums are ever changing, ever convincing, and ever confusing.

There is also a quieter realm in Nature that aligns itself to my feeling of Being, it needs no words, and has accompanied me without parting for many years. Nature’s truth is the closest thing to who I am, and these are my attempts at representing the meeting between my selves.

Press Release


By Rifandy Priatna

We are now living in a raucous era. Encapsulated in an environment where there exist magnetic pulls that direct the attention towards the hustle and bustle of a subject. Be it an advertisement that tries to change the perception of anyone who encounters it. Or the news with its thought wrenching reports that provoke our point of views. Even in our solitude we feel compelled to look for entertaining distractions from various media. In the midst of all the hecticness ask the self, “Who are you if your social attributes are to be taken away?”Those with an answer are individuals who have the ability to withdraw inwardly to communicate with the self. It is undeniable that modern living has distanced us from the truth. Recently we know more about things that lies outside of ourselves than to the essence of our own existence.

Finding and understanding the essential concept of human existence is a journey that we will all explore. Myths, cultures, philosophies, arts and religions are examples of the various ways that different civilizations have addressed such journeys. Technologies are used to trace ancestral remains to understand the patterns of life. Nature in its solitude has preserved the phases of our history. It records natural and man made event leaving traces of artefacts for future generations to discover.

Taking roots from her interest in all things related to nature and prehistoric things, Kinez Riza is transported to a totally different world. Working with archeologists and nthropologists her research had lead her to pre-historical sites around the globe. Every artefacts found and the intimate encounter with the wilderness it have allowed Kinez to contemplate on the essence of human existance and its relation to the universe.

Perhaps our understanding of the world could be different if people are more attentive in reading universal clues that exist around us. The shared experience we have with our predeccessors is chaos. That occurs during the advancement of a civilization. In the midst of disarray stillness lies in natures serene present witnessing every human progression. Leaving clues and imprint of histories like a fossil waiting to be discovered. In every stones, plants, imposing trees, flowing rivers and packed soil there lies the memoirs of preexisting civilizations. Humble in its omnipresence and content with its desire to stay undiscovered. It is there, that the clues to the basic essence of human exist.