Anton Ismael
April 1, 2016 - May 15, 2016
A solo exhibition by Anton Ismael, Curated by Ade Darmawan.
Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49

Anton Ismael is a highly respected Indonesian photographic artist and educator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ismael’s work is informed by an innate and profound connection with his Javanese culture and landscape, coupled with a longstanding fascination with the west, established in his formative years while studying in Australia.

Through an empathetic approach to his themes and subjects, Ismael produces finely crafted, intimate and exquisite imagery. His multi-faceted approach to crafting his images includes the exploration of found objects, drawings and film.

Identity is the underlying theme explored through 20 years committed to learning, producing and teaching.

In his series ‘Rumah’ Ismael explores the narrative of the evolution of self and the influence of family in the forming of identity.

Dianna Snape

Press Release

Stay / Leave

Home, is both an idea of physical and abstract space. A space which is often referred to in a reflective, romantic, melancholic manner and is filled with images of memories and of the days ahead. Home often exist in our past or in the thought of an ideal future. As a dream or a desired home.

The exhibition allows for a retrospective look on events and memories, the possibilities it offers, and its relationship to the present. Anton Ismael is not the type who feels comfortable nor satisfied in his experiences and beliefs. Critical and at times brutal, he challenges the perception of an idea to expose it to the present reality which is not always peaceful and calm.

Anton captures and showcases objects in its simplicity without too many visual acrobat. His interest lies more in the complexity of depth in context of visual and object. The presence of objects and spaces offered by the works in this exhibition tries to expand our discussion of the relationship between generations, education and ideology. Home becomes the initial layer which had been used effectively to make us rethink of intimacy, identities, trust, transformations, teachings and conflicts.

The world of space and object that is familiarly captured becomes relatable to our own reality. Without excessive effort we easily reflect the self more sharper and imaginative through his artworks. The artworks presented comes from the individual position and role; how people capture the surrounding, reinterpret it, and criticizes their world. Very personal, yet social.

Jakarta, 2016 Ade Darmawan