RUCI Art Wall: RAW Vol. 01
Igi Anjangbiani, Yosefa Aulia, Mira Rizki, Nadira Julia, Ella Wijt
November 10, 2018 - November 25, 2018

The vision of RUCI Art Space is to continuously nurture the artistic practice of young artists. We aim to provide an avenue for today’s audience to be involved in the immersive experience of contemporary art.

With great excitement we are happy to introduce our newest program RUCI Art Wall: RAW VOL. 01. We work with young artists, below 7 years of career experience, through collective discussion and one on one session. Opening our experiences to share basic gallery and business ethics. Our aim is to assist young artists in understanding how to navigate their art in the market. RUCI believe when artists and galleries shares the same ethics it can contributes to a thriving and sustainable art environment.

RUCI Art Wall: RAW Vol. 01 is a preliminary introduction program for our audience to encounter the works of new artists. Months of vigorous proposal reviews, received from RAW’s open submission, we are pleased to announce RUCI Art Wall: RAW Vol. 01 artists –
Igi Anjangbiani (Bandung)
Yosefa Aulia (Bandung)
Nadira Julia (Bandung)
Mira Rizki (Bandung)
Ella Wijt (Jakarta)

We would like to extend our invitation to join us at our opening and BEHIND THE WALL artist talk with Radhinal Indra as the moderator, where we will be introducing the artists and their current artistic practice to the public.
Saturday, November 10th 2018, 3 pm

BEHIND THE WALL artist talk
(Limited Seating Available)

Exhibition Period
November 11th – 25th 2018
11 am – 7 pm

RUCI Art Space
Jl. Suryo #49

Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49

“I want to create artworks that are honest, unfabricated, and in correspondence with the ability and technology that I can achieve, filtered through my experiences, thoughts and feelings.” – Igi Anjangbiani


“In my works, I always try to question, observe and share my perspective in regards to control, sense of ownership, subjectivity and the small narrations that becomes and fills a crucial part of an individual’s awareness. Games, barter, imagery, and texts are one of the ways to exchange narrations and share the paths that are owned by humans and cultures that are associated with the community. I believed that art is not for everyone, but art can be a part of everyone.” – Yosefa Aulia


“Although is it rather undeniable how women are affiliated with gentle dispositions – I am not content with stereotypes that generalize women as only passively feminine.

Thus, I want to picture women in a distinctive way – through a female’s gaze, where the women’s positions in the paintings become my signature to signify the women’s resistance to be objectified.” – Nadira Julia


“My idea is to try to make people be more engage with each other more and become aware of their presence among other entities through people’s consideration of sound.” – Mira Rizki


“My work moves me between memory and possibility. It is a bridge, a branch, and a ladder, and it is from here that I project myself outward, illuminating the shape of interior things. In the studio, I may question, doubt, and become through an intuitive process which is an open conversation. Art is the medium through which I pray and the residue of that prayer is – the image of my womanhood.” – Ella Wijt

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