Luminous Landscape
Arkiv Vilmansa
July 29, 2016 - September 4, 2016

RUCI Art Space presents :

Bentang Cahaya

A solo exhibition by Arkiv Vilmansa
Curated by Rifandy Priatna

30 July 2016 – 04 September 2016
Monday – Sunday
11 Am – 7 Pm

Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49

Arkiv Vilmansa is a prominent Indonesian artist and has become a household name in lowbrow art and toy designer cultures. With the background in architecture degree, Arkiv found his passion in drawing figures after he graduated and started his career as an artist in 2005. His interest in cartoon characters with evil yet funny aura, such as Mickey Mouse, pandas, and killer whales, has given him a complex and unrestrained understanding of color comprehension, which later gave birth to his signature cartoon like characters.

With distinguished career in his resume, Arkiv has participated in local and international exhibitions. This achievement opened many opportunities for him including the redesigned of Mickey Mouse character, a task given to him by Disney Asia.

Press Release

‘Luminous Landscape’ is the progression of ideas and exploration of mediums based on Arkiv Vilamansa’s personal experience. For nearly seven years his creative process involves fantasy, imagination and dreams that is realized through various fictional characters expressed in bright and bold colors. In his newest series Arkiv’s current work is inspired by the pilgrimage journey of Prophet Muhammad. Pilgrim in Arabic is defined as leaving, moving or turning away from and to relocate. In a historical context, Pilgrimage is related to the journey endured by Rasulullah SAW and his companions leaving the city of Mecca, at a time when the city is filled with kufr (infamy), to Madina to spread Islamic creed and law. Thus, Pilgrimage is signified as a journey with the intention of leaving all sins behind to move towards virtue. This is in tandem with the insights that Arkiv obtained when he began to delve in the teachings of Islam for the past few years. His insights into the religion propels Arkiv to no longer paint or create objects that are restricted in the Islamic teaching.Now, his interest lies in the creation of the illusion of light through color; formed by the tonal hue to obtain a gentle contrast; a transition from dark to light. An analogy comparable to the decision he made when he chose to move closer to virtue (light).