Hole in the Wall
Collective Art Exhibition
October 25, 2014 - December 24, 2014
Aidan & Ice, Andhika Muksin, Ivan Reyhan, Jabbar Muhammad, Laila Nurul Fitriani, Mirfak Prabowo, Monica Hapsari, Mufti Priyanka, Radhinal Indra, Tara Astari Kasenda and Vinora
Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49
Press Release

Hole in the Wall is a collective art exhibition celebrating the soft opening of a contemporary art gallery, Ruci. In this celebration of art and youthful curiosity the event will be held in Senopati’s vibrant neighbourhood on October 25th, 2014 starting from 03.00pm to finish. The artworks will be on display until October 30th, 2014. On Saturday night of the opening the public can expect an evening interacting with artists in a segment of battle drawing. Accompanied by several DJ’s that will be playing throughout the weekend.

The idea for the exhibition was developed out of late night conversations with people who share art as a common interest. Melin Merrill, founder of Ruci, together with Muhammad Fahri, project manager, are bringing a range of artworks by new and emerging Indonesian artists, as well as installations by local designers. The self curated show that is light in content is meant to create a dialogue of ease with the public. That is, individual should start with artworks that they find attractive. Gradually allow the taste to evolve and overtime a language and an artistic identity will develop to represent individuals who are culturally engaged in the arts. It is a beautiful process that can take a person through a journey of self discovery while adding value in the growing art community.

“There is a growing realization to want to identify the possibilities to the question, what is Indonesian art in todays content? It’s important to involve the public in this artistic exploration. With the soft opening our team is hoping to reach individuals that have always had a curious appetite for art. While at the same time continue the conversation with those who have inspired us throughout this learning process.” says Melin.

We are excited to be exhibiting a collection from such diverse talent like new artists Mirfak Prabowo, Radhinal Indra, Muhammad Jabbar, Ivan Reyhan and Laila Nurul Fitrani. Works by Mufti Prianka and Andhika Muksin. Re-exhibiting collection by Tara Kasenda Astari, and Monica Hapsari. The range of talent continues with works by Vinora Ng, a luxury ready-to-wear fashion designer and Aidan and Ice a jewelry designer who each will be creating an installation.

Ruci is a contemporary art gallery that will be officially open in the beginning of 2015. Its vision is to expose new and emerging Indonesian artists locally and internationally.