Oomleo (Narpati Awangga)
August 28, 2015 - September 27, 2015
A solo exhibition by Oomleo, Curated by himself.
Ruci Art Space
Jalan Suryo #49


By Narpati Awangga

In this first-ever solo exhibition in Jakarta I will be working with Ruci Art Space, the presented idea and theme of this exhibition is central to the experiences of “oomleo” with vehicles. “oomleo”, a fictional representation of myself, Narpati Awangga, will be showing pixel artworks that have been chosen and self-curated based on my intimate recollection of transportation vehicles. Arguably as an artist, I dont always prioritize on the exploration of conceptual work. I try to re-tell various unique moments honestly through pixel art where the infusion of imaginative attributes and humorous point of view is clear and evident. The light aesthetic of pixel art is often considered as a visual “enter- tainment”, where output appearance of the artwork prevails over the concept. A framework I often refer to when creating my art. The recol- lection of “ANGKUTAN / Transportation” fills my memory and has helped in the process of conveying my thoughts whenever I see, enjoy, imagine, analyze, and even research these various “magical objects”.

It cannot be denied that the existence of these objects are integral to human life. They are the “magical” objects that can physically and func- tionally transport the position of humans (and other physical objects) from one location to the next. The experience of enjoying, using, as- sembling, fixing, and even collecting certain type of vehicles is a remarkable moment for some people. The obsession on the design of a car serves as an accurate evidence that shows a shift from looking at merely the functionality of the object.Vehicles of any sort can emanate an extraordinary impression on people weather you are the creator, the seller, the buyer or the user. In this solo exhibition, I am dedicating pixel art specifically to a variety of vehicles that have been well documented in my heart and memory. It is about “me and vehicles”, a context that makes it easy for viewers to decipher the various moments that have happened between “oomleo” and “vehicles”.

Press Release

Ruci Art Space exhibits four solo exhibitions each year. With every exhibition we aim to exhibit different styles of artistic expression. The first exhibition we presented a collection of photography artwork by Kinez Riza curated by Rifandy Priatna titled, “Selubung Hening / The Veil of Serenity” where Kinez raised the topic of human existence amongst the universe. In this second exhibition we will be presenting pixel art as objects through the works Narpati Awangga, also known as Oomleo, titled, “Angkutan / Transportation”. Closing the year, an exhibition of paintings will grace our gallery.

Ruci Art Space presents the works of one of Indonesia’s pioneer in pixel art. The solo exhibition of Oomleo is dedicated to the rise in Indonesia’s creative industry where the involvement of the digital world is significant. His enthusiasm to self-curate is intended to communicate that historically pixel art has been used as visual entertainment, which places strong visuals over concept. We provide a supportive mechanism, which allows the opportunity for artists to experiment and present their bold artistic desires. This fairly new art form acts as a reminder of simpler times during the early years of the computer era. A strong trait of pixel art lies in the satisfaction of transforming an idea into an abstract interpretation. With its bold color palette and strong outline it has an expressive power and abstract that allows the audience to relate to its friendly charm and fun visuals. The abstract simplicity takes the audience into a perceived romantic childhood memory.

Nostalgia seems to be a major driving force for many pixel artists. It is similar to how childhood plays a part in many “traditional” artists work. However, pixel art can do more than induce nostalgia. It’s a technological art form that reflects our current society’s integration and dependence of the digital world. As we progress further into the digital age, pixel art will still be the iconic starting point for the visual communications we see today. Thus, in this exhibition we present a body of artworks by Oomleo to communicate the relevancy and versatility of pixel art.

And this exhibition supported by SONY Indonesia, for bringing the first 4k artwork in Indonesia.