Kinez Riza

Kinez Riza (b.1989) is a multi-disciplinary Indonesian artist. She explores representations of reality in correlation to Nature, Time and the Sublime. Kinez’s works combine photography, film, objects and artefacts. She attempts to disseminate notions of reality within the human faculty to dismantle certain truths that are largely accepted. She combines discourses from the arts and sciences in her work and considers the tension between the two. A large part of her practice involves artist-led expeditions, individually led or with artistic and scientific institutions.

Kinez has been exhibited in Art Dubai, UAE, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, D Gallerie, Indonesia amongst others. She was the youngest artist to be nominated for the Sovereign Art Prize. She participated with Land Art Mongolia 360 Biennale (2014) in the Orkhon Valley cultural landscape and The Arctic Circle Org residency programme (2013). She guest lectures at the Institut Teknologi Bandung University. She has been working closely with archaeologists and paleontologists from ARKENAS (National Archaeological Society, Indonesia), Bandung Geology Museum, members of University of Wollongong and Griffiths University, AUS, helping them to document their findings in return for access to subject and context for her work. Her coverage of the world’s oldest cave art in Sulawesi has been published widely by the international media. She is currently filming a documentary feature on human origins, as well as an arthouse film titled ‘Kahyangan’. In her formative years, Kinez participated in natural disaster relief and conflict management conferences with the United World College Global Concerns Initiative, she was one of the Indonesian delegates to One Young World conference in London (2010).