Julian Abraham "Togar"

Julian Abraham “Togar” (b. Medan, IDN, 1987) is an artist, musician and pseudo scientist. Words like generative, manipulating, dematerialization are often used to identify his work. Connecting one thing to another, expressed in complex algorithms, have enabled his experiences in how art, the environment, science and technology relate to one another to provide new tools to educate and engage both the artist and the society.

His works have been exhibited in Gedegap (Medan), Kedai Kebun Forum (Yogyakarta), Galeri Soemardja (Bandung), Cemeti—Institute for Arts and Society (Yogyakarta), RUBANAH Underground Hub (Jakarta, Indonesia), Biennale Jatim (2015 & 2017), Biennale Jogja (the Equator Biennale, 2017), KHOJ International Artists' Association (New Delhi, India), NTU CCA (Singapore), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka, Japan), Biennale of Sydney (Cockatoo Island, Australia), IJpromenade 2 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Auto Italia South East (London, UK), amongst others.