Abenk Alter

Born in 1985 Jakarta, Indonesia. Abenk Alter begin his career as a painter in 2013 exploring the
potentials of what it is to be a creative being. The grounds in which his belief are manifested in his
life and through his artistic practice stems from his studies on Sufism. In which exploration of the
human potential through the arts can be a channel to reaching self-enlightenment. Abenk has
developed a visual language of fast lines, abstractions, and figurative symbols which are applied
with a rhythmic awareness that intertwine the conscious and the subconscious in a landscape of
the imaginal world. The rhythm that is sensed in his work is carried from his musical background.
For Abenk these two types of artistic practice fulfill and propel each other, for both sounds and
colors exist in a vibrational field that transcend and transform all matters on earth. In his creative
process Abenk enter a state of mind allowing his frequency to adjust to colors, movements, and
strokes. A course of action that informs his act as much he informs it. It is in the most outer layer
that the conscious mind narrates itself through the figurative subjects. It is in these realm of being
aware in the unconscious and aware in the conscious that Abenks work gravitates to. Inviting the
audience to play along.


2005 – 2009 Bina Nusantara University. Majoring Graphic Design.
2011 – 2016 Islamic College for Advance Study. Majoring Myctiscm.


2017 “Place of Belonging”, Ruci Art Space, Jakarta
2017 “Connection”, Stein Egerta, Liechtenstein
2017 Bazaar Art Jakarta, Pacific Place Ballroom, Jakarta
2017 “#PlayinProgress”, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta
2017 “REST AREA”, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta
2017 “The Journey Exhibition”, Artotel x Tokyo Bike, Jakarta
2016 “FUSE”, Bina Nusantara International Event, Jakarta
2016 “Deck Construct”, The Space gallery, Bandung
2015 “The Underdogz”, Artotel, Jakarta
2015 “Merzbau”, Canvas Gallery, Jakarta
2014 Go Ahead People, Central park, Jakarta
2014 “Visual Personal”, Treehouse Kemang, Jakarta
2014 “Silahkan Ambil”, KCF/Summon Studio, Jakarta
2013 “#Selfportrait”, Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta